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Our menu

”A great place to take a break and grab a cup of coffee or cocoa.
A nice selection of yummy desserts/sweets. Good people watching, too.”

Marie Williams, Chef

~ Hot Drinks ~



Hot Chocolate with whipped cream






Caffe Latte


Mochaccino Bianco

White Hot Chocolate (small or large)

(lactose free / oat milk available)

~ Cold Drinks ~

Still Water 50cl

Pepsi, Max, Zingo, 7up, Sparkling Water

Light Beer

Beer 3.5

Corona 3.2

Beer alcohol-free

Fresh Orange Juice

Iced tea

Saft (still drink)


Chokladkoppen´s cold chocolate drink with ice cream

~ Large Sandwiches ~


Ham and Cheese

Turkey with Swedish Mustard

Salamie & Brie



~ Main Courses ~

Soup of the day

Salads of the day

Vegetarian salad with cottage cheese

Focaccia with salad

Salmon & Spinach pie

Broccoli & Blue cheese pie


Vegetarian Lasagna

Baked Potato with Seafood

Baked Potato with Chicken/curry

Pasta salad with Chicken/pesto

Pasta salad Vegetarian with pesto

~ Sweets ~

Cinnamon roll

Valrhona chocolate ball

Chocolate cake

White chocolate cheesecake

Nut and caramel pie

Apple pie w. vanilla sauce

Raspberry pie w. vanilla sauce

Blueberry pie w. vanilla sauce

Princess cake

Vegan cake of the day

Pancakes with jam & whipped cream (child or adult)

~ Ice cream menu ~

Chocolate De Luxe

Strawberry Dream

Blueberry Dream

(served between June 1st - August 31st)

~ Seasonal ~

Glögg / Mulled Wine with gingerbread (served during Dec.)

Lucia cat (kind of saffron bun) (served during Dec.)

Saffron bun (served during Dec.)

Semla / Almond and cream bun (served during Jan. & Feb.)

Ice cream menu (served during summer months)

~ Now serving alcohol beverages ~

Alcohal free wine red and white


~ Red wine ~

Mucchietto Nero d´Avola-Shiraz (Italy)

Vinea Crianza (Spain)

~ White wine ~

Mucchietto Chardonney-Grillo (Italy)

Burgáns Albariño (Spain)

~ Rosé wine ~

Art de france Rosé (France)

~ Beer ~

Draft Beer Mariestad

A ship full of IPA

Ceramics by Elisabeth Hallgren

Elisabet Hallgren

Ceramicist, artist, and teacher

Pottery by Elisabet Hallgren

Born 1950 in Malmö. Attended HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, in Göteborg. Pottery is my principal means of expression and I have had my own studio since the mid.1970s.

After completing my studies at HDK I set up my first studio at Lysekil, where I also built my first kiln, Later on I moved to the Stockholm archipelago and for many years had my studio at Gustavsgerg’s former porcelain factory on the island of Värmdö.

I work mostly in high-fired stoneware, thrown as well as slabbed and pinched. Some of my pieces have a clear function, some are sculptural objects, but irrespective of which, to me, form is always important. I mix my own glazes, try them out, remix them, glaze in several layers and refine. Or discard them. Sometimes the result is not satisfactory until after having fired a third or fourth time.

Since 2018 I live in the province of Västergötland, where I share m life and studio with artist Peter Prütz. From time to time we exhibit together. Now, in these photos, I show how I make the cups and bowls for Chokladkoppen and Kaffekoppen. Maybe you just now are using one?

Perhaps an unforgettable moment…

Images ©Elisabet Hallgren
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.