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Chokladkoppen is a cozy café with lovely food and cold and hot drinks in a unique building at Stortorget 18 in the heart of Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm.

Stortorget 18 Gamla Stan Stockholm

Stortorget 18 was built during the 16th century


The house where Chokladkoppen is located was probably built as early as the 1520s and has a staircase towards Stortorget and medieval masonry on three floors.

In the 1620s, the building was owned by the seiner Hans Seyfridzt, and therefore the building is today called the Seyfridtz House. When Hans Seyfridzt died, his widow remarried with Johan Eberhard Schantz, who also owned the house on the left, where Café Kaffekoppen is located.

During a renovation in the 18th century, the Seyfridtzska house got its current look with Stockholm's yellow facade facing Stortorget.

Historical landmarks
Chokladkoppen has been serving Gamla Stan since 1997


The rainbow flag tells about the café’s gay-friendly image, and Chokladkoppen is for sure a popular spot among the gays in town.

Here you can pick up flyers about parties and other upcoming gay events in Stockholm, and you can also get your own copy of the Swedish magazine QX for free!

Summer terrace serving
It's always a nice place especially in the summer

The staff

  • QX Gala 2005
    QX Gala 2005
  • Lios Pride park 2004
    Lios Pride park 2004
  • Takeaway with Conny n Tom
    Takeaway with Conny n Tom
  • Autum party 2002-10-14 4
    Autum party 2002-10-14 4
  • Karin n Mosi
    Karin n Mosi
  • Dean 2003
    Dean 2003
  • Dino Pride park 2004
    Dino Pride park 2004
  • Dino Christian n Warren Pride park 2004
    Dino Christian n Warren Pride park 2004
  • Hans Pride park 2004
    Hans Pride park 2004
  • Lars 2002-10-14
    Lars 2002-10-14
  • Autum party 2002-10-14 1
    Autum party 2002-10-14 1
  • The Boys Pride park 2004
    The Boys Pride park 2004
  • Christian n Warren Pride park 2004
    Christian n Warren Pride park 2004
  • Mattias 2020
    Mattias 2020
  • Autum party 2002-10-14 3
    Autum party 2002-10-14 3
  • Fernando 2003
    Fernando 2003
  • Autum party 2002-10-14 2
    Autum party 2002-10-14 2
  • Robin n Edward
    Robin n Edward
  • Mike 2002
    Mike 2002
  • Ainer Pride park 2004
    Ainer Pride park 2004
  • Peter 2002
    Peter 2002
  • Dean Pride park 2004
    Dean Pride park 2004
  • Autum party 2002-10-14 5
    Autum party 2002-10-14 5

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Stortorget 18
Gamla Stan, Stockholm


Winter 10:00 – 22:00
Summer 09:00 – 22:00

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